Manage Receipts Digitally, 4 Free Apps

The stack of receipts I found without leaving my chair.

The stack of receipts I found without leaving my chair.


Are you still collecting handfuls of crumpled receipts, for business and personal expenses?

Here are four apps that can help:

1. Expensify

Expensify is an expense report app, but one great feature is the SmartScan for receipts. You can also import your bank statement, and it will show any receipts you may be missing.

2. Evernote

You may already use Evernote to collaborate or collect data, but consider adding "receipt organizer" to it's list of functions. Download Evernote Scannable on your phone to make it truly effective.

3. Dropbox

If Dropbox is your go-to for document sharing and storage, you can create a file system to store your receipts. Just download one of the many scanner apps - you can see a comparison here.

4. Google Drive

Last, but not least, Google Drive. For what it lacks in design, it makes up in free storage. If you find the 2MB from Dropbox doesn't cut it, you can get 15MB on Drive.

Pro tip: Share a login with your bookkeeper or accountant, then THROW AWAY your receipts!  Whew, sweet relief. 

*While these are all free for the lowest storage options, you may find the need to upgrade to a paid subscription in the future.*